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Camdenville Public School

Camdenville Public school was established in 1882 offering basic education up to fourth class. The first headmaster of Camdenville Public School was Mr Peter O'Reilly. Initial enrolments consisted of 235 students. The school's first permanent classroom building was erected in 1833. For many years, the building was known as the “Boys' Department”. Now days the building is used by infants classes. Prior to 1833, all classes were held in a 73 by 20 foot tent.
During the year of 1891, the school was upgraded to a Superior Public School. This meant that an additional fifth class was offered to existing students. A school fee of threepence per child on a weekly basis was charged.
During the year 1922, Camdenville Public School hit a record enrolment figure of 1043 students. This was achieved under the successful rein of headmaster, Mr John Connolly. Mr Connolly exercised a 'dynamic' style of teaching, introducing students to aspects of physics, chemistry and geology. During the first year of Mr Connolly's rule, it is estimated that he planted over 100 trees and plants, some of which still exist to present date. This can truly be noted as Camdenville Public School's golden era.
In the aftermath of World War II, Camdenville Public School underwent an overhaul in cultural diversity. The school opened its doors, welcoming an abundance of culturally diverse students. To present date, the school has retained its cultural diversity.